Everything about Retail

Everything about Retail

(English with English subtitles)

Learn everything you need to know to be successful in Retail in this 11 chapter, 3.5h course and get REZE-certified.

Jan Wouter van Dalen worked 7 years for Anker (www.anker.com) and managed their retail sales in the US, Europe and the Middle East.
In this course he shares all the dos and don'ts and provides all insights necessary to be successful in retail.
Jan is a Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at REZE.

The REZE-Certification is recognized by its partners and serves as important signal, that you (and your company) understand how retail works and what it entails to be "retail-ready" and work with the top retailers in the world.

Check out our preview to see everything that you will learn! 


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Last Update 09/26/2023
Completion Time 3 hours 30 minutes
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    • Free Preview
    • 01. Introduction: Retail. What is Retail and why?
      10 xp
    • 02. Strategy: Know your game and know yourself
      10 xp
    • 03.1 Strategy: Define the product
      10 xp
    • 03.2 Strategy: Price your product
      10 xp
    • 04. From plan to results. Implement your plan
      10 xp
    • 05. Show yourself
      10 xp
    • 06. How to present your product: Pitch desk and packaging
      10 xp
    • 07. Negotiations: How to convince retailers, distributors and your boss
      10 xp
    • 08. Sales tactics: Driving sell-out
      10 xp
    • 09. Decision-making: How to maintain your business
      10 xp
    • 10. How to handle stock, overstock, defects and returns
      10 xp
    • 11. Different retail models: What model should be pursued in the end? Costs and (Dis-)advantages.
      10 xp
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